Friday, November 13, 2009

2012 - end of d-WORLD?

Anyway, I was looking for stg at QB and b4 I knew it, I was in line to buy ticket for 2012 midnite show last nite..rrr..can u believe it?..always end up doing stg which is totally not in my organizer (yeah, like I have one..huhu)

Hmm...2012 is not really a judgment day n d-ending was so cliche. i dunno i juz dun really like d ending. It's not dramatic. They shud've incorporated more d link btwn Mayan's belief n scientific study which lead 2 d so-called judgment day. N dig more on geology or wuteva relevant stuff.

To me, cgi wise was almost perfect but d storyline umm din really meet my expectation. Plus, acting wise (4 most of 'em) were mediocre. Kinda surprised John Cusack was juz ok as well as Amanda Peet..Not impressive...Hmmm

Btw, i do like one of d sorta crazy freaky fella who did d short n yet understandable presentation bout d solar-flare effect which cause d unstable physics deep down d earth. Cool...

D-rest of d-film, jus go n c for urself :P

my Verdict: 3.0001 out of 5

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pisau Cukur

Hi's bin quite a while..anyway, last nite I watched PISAU CUKUR or a.k.a. GOLD DIGGER at GSC. Well, loved d-movie n it's highly recommended.

If u like more than 5 out of 10 things below, then u guys shud hit ur nearest cinema n watch PISAU CUKUR:


2) a bit taste of CSI scene

3) Chic-flick genre

4) RAFIDAH (Host of 3R) dress in Kimono with Heavy Make-Up (so funny..she really did make me burst into laughter..SEWEL, talk-2-d-hand scene …hahaa)

5) Different n naughty side of MAYA KARIN

6) Sarcastic remark jokes (for instance, from anchorwoman to become SOMEBODY in ROYAL family)

7) Lesbian, Bi n gay issues

8) Into Fashion n stuff (if u worship LV..oh my DIOR, I like BELLA’s bag)

9) To have a closer look at d-definition of HOW “Natural Beauty” turned out into stg like..umm..UMIE AIDA, perhaps..


And my verdict for (Malaysian film category) is 4 out of 5

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

To all MUSLIMS out there, I'd like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Ailfitri Maaf Zahir Batin

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

cavity n filling

I made an appointment at private dental clinic juz now for this coming Thursday. Well, to start with, I've a cavity, a very visible cavity at my front tooth. Hmmm...

Well, I was gargling after breaking fast d-other day n felt stg caught in between my front teeth. Then I tried to remove that stupid thing n suddenly, d-filling fell off my tooth...ARGHHHHH..

Fortunately it juz cost me RM50 for a filling n it wud not be a problem. And I did ask d-gal at d-counter d-price for crowning..I was kinda shocked as she said it's RM400. Last time when I had my tooth crowned it was free as I did that at USM. Yeah, I know, I was a USM student back then n dental service is free of charge. Hmmm...RM 400 Versus FOC...pretty hard to decide on that. I'll ask d-dentist this cumin' Thursday regrading this matter. Huhuhu

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hospital n childish-patient

Last nite me n other fellas went to Penang GH as one of our buddy was not feeling well. Well, due to recent outbreak of H1N1, we tot it's best to take him to d-hospital. So, after we did our NOT-SO-GOOD stuff, we picked him up n off we went to d-GH.

It took us approx 15 minutes or so as d-traffic was light. Btw, whilst Tani waiting for his turn, we did some "jumping photo shoot" along d-corridor. Huhuhu....u know, just to kill d-time. Besides it was 1.30 am n we kinda bored. So, there we were, like a childish-patient doing all d-jumping while being photographed by d-photographer wannabe. Hehehe...

I put all d-pics below n decide which one is d-best shot. Huhuhu

click images 2 enlarge:


two...dun do this at home..hehehe

three - posed for d-camera

four - trying to reach d-ceiling

five - d-ultimate SHOT of d-nite

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hi all

It's been a while...huhu..I know, I've gotten too much into FACEBOOK lately. Huhuhu...Btw, last week I went back to my hometown in IPOH as I hadn't been home for almost 2 months edi. Besides, it's fasting month n of cos breaking fast with family back in IPOH.

Daim Darwisy in head scarf....hehehe

Well, actually I had an unfortunate event a few days back. I was supposed to catch a bus from Penang to Ipoh at 7.45am...rrrrr...u guys can guess wut happened..huhu. I was late as I dozed off after having my early breakfast (SAHUR). Then I had to take another bus at 9.30. "sigh"...22 bucks gone juz like that...I cud hv used d-money to buy stg else. This time, no one shud take d-blame but me.

how do I look?

Anyway, while at home doing nothing n nephew was d-only creature in dat house who had been very cheerful. Eversince he cud stand on his feet, it seemed like he had explored every nook n cranny of d-house...hehehe.

Oh, we actually bot our Malay Traditional outfit for this upcoming Hari Raya edi. It's very cheap n yet good quality. Please find our pics below n others.

gimme "duit RAYA"...

Daim Darwisy inBaju Melayu. I nid a new "sampin"

go for BLUE this year

Until then, SELAMAT BERPUASA to all muslims n also SELAMAT BERBUKA PUASA!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

my new obsession

I think I've found my new virtual obsession n it has consumed my time, my energy and my soul towards this stuff which in a way deter me from stopping by n updating wut's going on in my life in this blog...huhu

wut's my new obsession?

Hmmm....none other than----> FACEBOOK

Please click d-link above to go 2 my page.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I’ve no definite explanation on a subject that I’m gonna whining about. It’s a bit scary n it also offer a financial aid when u needed them. What’s that?

PTPTN study loans…..

Where shud I begin?.. I always put things off n it does reflect in d-repayment of PTPTN study loans. Well, it really hit me when I received d- 1st WARNING letter (about a week ago) which stated that if I didn’t start to pay back within 14 days from d-date of d-letter, they’ll file a lawsuit against me. My LORD!!!!!!!

Actually, I’m ok with that as I’m financially n mentally ready to begin my “pay-back” time. However, d-only fly in d-ointment is, I had to pay them RM14,300 instead of RM13,000. Wut d-heck!!!

Fine, I know that u guys gonna blabbing over d-interest n bla..bla..bla..which I’m aware of by now. The thing is, I’ve requested a postponement and I got a positive reply from them. I tot that d-re-payment-thingy only started on January 2007 as I graduated in August 2006. Clear????

Wut pissed me off is, I check my loan account balance yesterday and I was freezed in shock for a sec, then only I realized that they imposed d-re-payment process in January 2006. See?...that’s really boiling me up.

And immediately, I sent an email to them to express my displeasure and my concern with regards the payment issue.

I am (edit), IC: (edit) and I graduated in August 2006. Supposedly (edit). Regarding the loan payment, I have sent a mail to request for postponement. Subsequently, I received a reply from your side stating that I am eligible for the postponement. And yet, when I check on the 2006’s statement, it stated that I should have started pay the loan in January 2006.

My big concern is, when exactly my loan payment begins? Shouldn’t it be in January 2007? Below is the screen shot of my statement for 2006. I do hope you can clarify on this matter.

Many Thanks.

To my surprise, they reply back less than 24 hours. Wanna know wut they’ve got to justify everything?..please see below.


Emel anda dirujuk.

Sebagaimana yang telah dipersetujui dalam perjanjian, pinjaman dikenakan kos pentadbiran 4% setahun (bermula Januari 2004 sehingga seterusnya dikira atas 3 %) ke atas baki berkurangan mulai tarikh mula patut bayar balik pinjaman iaitu 6 bulan selepas mengambilkira tarikh pengesahan tamat pengajian / tamat pinjaman (mana yang terdahulu). Semua peminjam PTPTN adalah tertakluk kepada kos pentadbiran.

Untuk makluman anda, walaupun penangguhan diluluskan tetapi Pengiraan kos pentadbiran tidak akan ditangguhkandalam tempoh penangguhan, kos pentadbiran tetap dikenakan. Penangguhan bayaran balik akan mengakibatkan jumlah ansuran pada masa akan datang menjadi lebih tinggi, kerana tempoh bayaran balik yang menjadi lebih singkat. Ini kerana penangguhan tidak akan menganjakkan tarikh akhir tempoh bayaran balik. Ia hanya menganjakkan tarikh mula bayaran. Oleh itu, ia akan menambahkan lagi beban kewangan pada masa akan datang.

Sekian dimaklumkan.

Get it guys?...wut a virtual LOAN SHARKS.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's day

Sorry 4 being late to wish Happy Mother’s day. To be honest, I didn’t know d-exact date but I do know it’s somewhere in May. Some of u, might had taken ur beloved mom to a lovely restaurant or had bought a presents or any means to celebrate Mother’s day.

Happy Mother's day's cake

Well, I hate to admit it that actually, I’ve never been a fan to celebrate things like, u know, things like birthday, anniversary, anykinda day like mother’s day n stuff. Wait..dun judge me OKAY. It doesn’t mean that I am a stone-hearted or a bad guy. It‘s just that I’m not into that throw-a-party kinda guy n stuff. I have my own way to celebrate or I’d prefer to use “appreciate” in my context, to d-stuff which had been with me or have been with me. But hey, if u guys intended to ask me to join in, I’m in. Or d-least thing I cud do, chip in. However, to initiate, I bet, it won’t happen. Huhuhu...

Anyway, last Sunday, my sis asked me to chip in to buy an ice-cream cake. I was like, for what. Then only I know it’s a mother’s day. For d-very FIRST time in my life, I agreed and let d-rest to my sis. She did everything. Before I knew it, my sis was holding d-cake while loudly n yet graciously shouting Happy Mother’s day.

yeah, I managed to grab it 1st


Simple..yeah, that’s d-perfect word to describe d-moment. Oh yah, the happiest person on that day was....I had to pick my nephew, Daim Darwisy. Oh My LORD, he’s so eager n enthusiastic. Especially when my mom was about to cut d-cake n he suddenly crawling n reached out his hand n stole d-red cherry on d-cake...hahaha.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I watched d-movie last nite and....what can I say...

It's one of the best movie of this year. Or at least, it did live up to my expectations. It has romance, juz a lil' bit though, a touching moment and d-most essence of d-movie itself, d-storyline.

20th Century Fox won't bother to do a prequel or an introductory movie of Wolverine if it ain't serve d-purpose. And at d-end of d-day, you wud go "ooohh", "aahhhh", "no wonder he cudn't remember" sort of exclamation. See....that's only goes for those who barely know about d-whole X-Men-thingy. But, those who put their heart n souls into d-X-Men world, they prolly disagree with d-way it's been potrayed in d-movie. Well...jus a bit.

According to a friend of mine, Sabretooh & Wolverine were not supposed to be brothers. And I did searches on that,'s true. I dunno, but, to me it doesn't matter as it didn't ruined d-storyline or whatsoever.

Besides d-storyline, I'd like to give xtra star for d-convincing effect n action. However, there's a one tiny unconvincing part which I've totally forgotten, but it's forgiven already as it's compensate my lust towards d-whole-full-with-action-thingy scene. U know wut, it feels like u were having a sliced choc indulgence from secret Recipe and garnished with anykinda flava ice cream with crumbled nuts....My's too much exaggerated edi...hehehehe

Anyway, u guys prolly didn't know that Wolverine's claw was actually his bone and it was only encased with adamantium, an indistructable substances, when he was induced to undergo somekinda operation.

All in all, it was worth my RM6.00 n those who never watched X-Men movies before, don't hesitate to hit ur nearest cinema as it won't make u feel "isolated" or "lost" as I can assure u guys that, u still can enjoy d-movie without even know the background history of X-Men n stuff. Get it?....Good.

Oh Btw, I kinda disappointed with Gambit's n Emma Frost's scene. Too little for them n they didn't really show off their powers in a sense that cud make me "WOW". Anyway, it's all about Wolverine...huhuhu

My verdict: 8.57 out of 10

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

funny caption???

Last week I went to Gurney Plaza with some bitches. Cut it short, we stopped by at one store which selling lotsa cardigan, well, actually a friend of mine was looking for one. There we were, n I did put on one of d-cardigan which I think, kinda nice. On second tot, 2 cardigan is enuf d.

kinda like d-color combination

was it ok?...shud I get 1?

Before that, we hit Bazar Chowrasta as a pure-bred-in-Teluk-Intan friend of mine was looking for a batik textile. As we wandered around, I saw this sorta funny caption written on a board n put on around d-clothes. all DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, u guys shud have 1

not only that, i found this one 2...duhhh

And how bout d-head scarf?....was d-shop owner implied that whnver u wear above-pic, u can feel MAWI's presence around u? LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review: Coming Soon

Who's SHOMBA ?

SHOMBA was found to have killed her prey by digging out her prey's eyes.'s sickening n disturbing. U wanna know more about this person, do check out d-movie still photos from "coming soon", d-latest horror movie from Thailand.

Kudos to d-production team as they managed to get four of us sit still in fear of unexpected appearances of SHOMBA, d-villain character or simply to say d-GHOST. We watched d-movie last Tuesday at Islah's house. Yeah, it's leaked on d-net n d-quality was superb.

Well, personally, I think they should rename d-title to "SHOMBA" instead. To me, SHOMBA is more significant compared to "coming soon" as d-name of SHOMBA associate with evil+madness+no mercy+fear. The moment u think of SHOMBA, I bet, SHOMBA's face will instantly filled in ur bubble thought. might get stuck 4 several days.

Btw, d-storyline is somewhat different from most of horror movie as they left us wondering especially at d-end of d-movie. Wanna know wut happens, go watch urselves or u can send ur blank DVD to me, plus with hidden charge, n I'll burn 4 ya...hehehe..nay.

my verdict: 8.5 out of 10

Friday, March 27, 2009

Review: Confession of Shopaholic

Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood aka Becky

I was so excited when I learned bout a popular shopaholic series were being filmed back then n I was looking forward to watching d-movie. U know, especially when u've read d-series until d-latest installment which I believes it's called "shopaholic n Baby something". As for me, I read d-1st installment a year ago. And last night, I watched d-movie at GSC, Queensbaymall.

How's d-movie?

Hang on shopaholic, hold ur breath....take a deep breath...hold on for a sec n's a CRAPPPPPPPPPP movie....


The movie was so hilarious. I was a bit sceptical when I discovered that Isla Fisher wud play d-character of Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky) juz bcuz I never heard or watch any of her movie b4. My major concern was, was she capable of playing n translate d-character on screen as Rebecca Bloomwood was portrayed as a spontaneous, witty, unpredictable and wild in d-novel. To me, she did pretty well n as for character of Suze (Rebecca's housemate as well as best friend) it was played by Krysten Ritter.

Kryten Ritter as Suze

Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon

Anyway, there'r couple of changes here n there to compensate with d-time constrain n other factors. Here's some of d-changes they made:

1) Their first (Becky n Brandon) met was supposed to be in d-conference but in d-movie it was at d-burger/hotdog-street stall.

2) Alicia, which supposedly to be Brandon's PA, was being a staff at fashion magazine where Becky was desperately wanted to be one of d-staff there.

3) Brandon was working as an editor at a financial magazine, he doesn't own d-company which publish d-mag

4) Becky was publicly humiliated
by Derek Smith in front of d-audience during her very first appearance at d-Morning or Coffee Show (forgot d-name)

The rest of d-changes, u should go n watch urself...hehehehe

All in all, I kinda like d-changes they made as it somehow make d-storyline somewhat fresh as long as they still keep n stick with d-main idea. I wanna share some of d-secene which I find very funny.

1) My LORD, it's freaking funny when Becky hit d-floor n started showing off her so-called miami-moves with a folding-paper-fan. Gosh...she improvised d-whole dance...hahaha

2) When Becky was coming to work, she run into Derek Smith in a lift. She was kinda curious whether it's Derek or not, so she made a misscall. Then, Derek smiled back n said, "I can always call the number back". Becky was so mortified as earlier, she set a ringtone which she recorded herself n sounded "Dun answer the's Derek Smith". Hahahaha...get d-pic?...very funny...

3) Again, it's about Becky's so-called dance skill. They had a sorta party n everyone was dancing. Then Brandon approached Becky and asked, "where did u get that moves". She replied, "It comes naturally" she replied, Brandon shift his gaze towards Becky's father and his father was doing d-same thing like Becky. And Brandon was seen smiling and said, "no wonder"

Isla Fisher, Sophie Kinsella (d-author of d-shopaholic series) and Hugh Dancy

I can't put all d-funny stuff time to write it all here...better watch than read, rite?..hehehehe. As for d-dialogue, it's not exactly same but it sound more or less like wut I typed above.

My Verdict: 8.95 out of 10

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tani's convocation

Congrats 2 Tani...

I juz got back from attending
Tani's convocation at USM, Penang. It's a one-day convocation for those who'r graduated last semester. Previously, it was kinda boring as it was only a one-day convo but this afternoon, tapak convo (d-place where normally graduates, parents and friends hang out after d-receiving-scroll-thingy) were kinda busy with people buying present 4 d-graduate, chit-chat as well as taking photos for personal memories.

me n Tani - went out during lunch hour..hehehe

Left: Arip, Nato, Tani, Din and Alif

bad lighting?...actually it was very sunny today...huhuhu

Actually, it's kinda weird as d-convocation was held on today, Wednesday. It wud hv been better if d-convocation had held on weekends. Anyway, it's not gonna stop friends n relatives to celebrate d-happiest day 4 all graduates.

Finally, u hit d-runway stage at
Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra (DTSP), a convocation hall, after d-not-so-short period or extended year during ur six-years study at USM. U did it...Congrats again....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

from left: Piccolo's assistant (forgot her name), Bulma, Goku, Master Roshi or something and Chi Chi

Dragonball EVOLUTION……look at d-word of evolution. Clearly it’s gonna be different from d-worldly known manga series called Dragon Ball. Well, changes cud be good and it cud be bad.

Anyway, I’ve never really been a huge fan of d-manga but I did read d-manga till d-finale or last chapter. And I’m sure die-hard fans of d-manga have been waiting n cud hardly wait to watch d-movie n c how d-production team gonna bring everything into d-silver screen. They must be expecting too much, I suppose.

So, how’s d-Dragonball Evolution movie?

I watched d-movie yesterday at GSC Penang around 5.30pm. I missed d-first 2-3 minutes of d-movie as I went out for loo. Anyway, as I approached my seat, Goku was fighting (practicing) with his grandpa, Gohan, on rope. And d-next scene, Goku went to school by bicycle n his bicycle was crashed into by a sporty car. Then d-driver step out n said harsh things to Goku, but he didn’t want 2 fight as his grandpa told him not to. Oh yah, those fellas called him Geeko instead of Goku.

As d-scene took place, came in a group of gals n these fellas joined them as one of d-fella said “beauties awaits”..stg like that. And one of d-gals caught Goku’s eyes and both of them exchanged sorta flirty looks with each other. That gal (she was seen kissing Harry Potter in 4th or 5th series, not sure) happened to be Chi Chi, u know, Goku’s wife-to-be, that’s wut happened in d-manga rite?...correct me if I wrong.

The rest of d-story….buy a ticket n watch urself kay..hehehe

How’s d-movie going?...hmmm, I wud say, it’s WAAAAAAAY too rushed, as a film. They might hv missed out some of d-details like..errrr..I dunno, but d-way they introduce each one of d-character was, just okay as well as how d-characters develop as d-plot progress.

I’m not gonna touch bout d-effect n stuff as u’all know Hollywood movies are good at it. I liked Bulma’s gadget n it looked sorta like d-ones u saw in d-manga. "COOL", that's wut Goku said d-moment he saw how a capsule turned into a vehicle.

By nature, I mean, be it comic or manga or novel based story, d-duration time wud be, at least 2 n a half hours long. Instead, it was 1 hour n 20 minutes stg. I was like, duhhh….too fast u know. There’s nothing much u can expect from d-movie as they crammed the movie into one hour and 20 mnts stg. The director must had a crazy time to put everything into this film. Next time, for d-2nd installment, hopefully they stretch into 2 n half hours. So that, people like me wud feel d-satisfaction of watching a full action-packed kinda movie like Dragonball.

Verdict: 5.95 out of 10